website templates

We have price tailored for your needs


Branding & Simple Landing Page

250€ + ALV
or 20€ x 13 months


Branding is not just about logo, it is about establishing identity of your business and we are good at it. 

Landing page

Good web presence of your company to start with. Includes About us page, contact form, information page, Social Media's link, and some sections according to your need.


Restaurant's website

950€ + ALV
or 80€ x 13 months

Everything you need

Responsive website for your restaurant including your Menus listing, booking form for table reservation, social media integration, gallery with awesome pictures of your restaurant and in multi-languages. 

Admin Panel

You can edit most of the contents and images via admin panel. 


Small business's website

950€ + ALV
or 80€ x 13 months

Customized for your business

Whether you have a saloon or consulting business or something, website is really necessary.  We will cover all the necessary part such as reservation form, language option, service and pricing section, social media integration etc.

Admin Panel

Admin panel supported


Custom website and mobile App

price under negotation and agreement


If you need something more specific, we can build for you. Whether you have something to sell online or you want to setup online store. Also Wordpress, woocomerce, drupal, shopify, or any .

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps for your business.


Online Marketing

Price depending on your needs

Social Media Marketing

At VELKKO, We handle and run advert while you focus on your business. We also run social media advertise campaign depending on your budget.

SEO - Google ads

When someone search with keyword related to your business, we want them to see your business first. We have expertise in SEO and we gurantee you the best results.


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